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For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

Together We Make Better Happen

For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

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Graphic Scribing

Powerfully engage people

Our Graphic Scribers aren’t actual genies, but they certainly work a little magic, bringing complex strategies to life through your metaphors and our visual storytelling techniques.

We help you to tap into the power that comes from ‘those who create, own; those who own, use’...

Capturing salient points from spoken communication and modelling them visually, in real time and on a large scale, making connections and creating models that reflect the essence of the discussion:

  • Making the invisible, visible
  • Reflecting the whole discourse
  • Mirroring the content and the process
  • Assuring all involved are heard
Genie (1)
Cranbrook Scribe Close Up
Better Births Digital Scribe Picture
Ofwat Screen Grab
Home Group Exhib
Be Plas
Arden & Gem
Britains Energy Coast
Rolls Royce
The Body Shop
University of Manchester
Torbay Pharmaceuticals
Tatton Park
Community Gateway
British Psychological Society
Compassion UK
Department of Health
Great Western Railways
Lake District National Parks
General Medical Council
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
Boehringer Inglehiem
Manchester University Hospitals Trust
Nursing and Midwifery Council
NHS England
Healthy Schools
Merseyside Police
University of Durham
Sport England
NHS Collaborate
Wirral MBC
Faculty of medical leadership
North West Ambulance Service
Coventry City Council
Liverpool City Council
Homerton NHS
Home Group
Kirklees Council
NHS Blood & Transplant
Riverside housing
NHS Gloucesetershire
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Giving a shared truth

Our Graphic Scribers do this by listening for and capturing the essence of ideas and information. They organise it on the spot in ways that help people see patterns and relationships by using metaphors that strongly anchor your teams, clients and stakeholders to group understanding.

"The quality of thinking and the development of the group deepens and improves; there is a flow of creativity and insight interaction, productivity and innovation."


Increasing participation, trust & ownership.



The graphic is large and very approachable, supporting all those in the sessions to be heard, validated and accommodated as their expressions and metaphors are captured - literally in front of their own eyes.


Your image is huge and impressive, holding many more images at one time than the brain can. Being able to see and scan the whole system and image re-anchors teams and drives further creativity and innovation.


Kirklees Vision Day June 2019 A3 300Dpi
ICE Creates Session 6

The information naturally weaves together individuals’ diverse ideas into a composite ‘picture’ that reflects the collective intelligence. Shifting people from “my way” to “our way”, they are better able to build on each other’s ideas, driving creativity and innovation.

The energy is tangible, long after the event has finished.

Support for...

- business strategy -
- conferences/exhibitions -
- presentations -
- coaching -
- conflict resolution -
- system design -
- ideation/imagineering -
- visioning -
- consultation -
- commemorations -
- collaborative events -

IMG 2853
ICE Creates Session 7

Not only enhancing the overall impact of events through a dynamic and engaging visual creation, graphic scribes create a visual storyline and a set of iconic metaphor-centred reminders, owned by everyone who took part. They enabling people to create ‘rich pictures’ of complex themes, discussing specific issues without losing the context. By developing a visual image of the current, they can offer better focus on discussing and crafting solutions, plans and visions for positive futures.

Excellent for building vision and mission journeys, while supporting any conflict resolution by going beyond verbal, hooking into metaphor and clean non-personal feedback.

Live Graphic Scribes

We deliver virtual scribes, connecting to your Zoom or Teams event to capture the event digitally. We also work on-site and arrive with our boards and pens, or our digital tablet and projection equipment, ready to capture your event live. In addition, we can provide clean facilitators to get the very best out of your event, expertly drawing out everyone’s views, ideas and contexts. You get a high resolution digital file to disseminate and the opportunity to re-produce your live scribe in a wide range of formats, from paper rolls through canvases, framed pictures to wallpaper, presentations and animations.

ICE Creates Session 5
Bettre Births Digital Scribe Picture

Rich Picture Scribes

Building on either a briefing or live scribe(s), we reflect on what was captured to produce a rich reflective picture of the key information, in a range of visual styles.

Motion Graphic Scribes

Building on a brief or previous scribe(s), we develop a narrative/storyline for an animation in a wide range of styles featuring all of your key themes.

Presenter Graphic Scribes
We craft beautifully engaging presentations, developing a rich narrative/storyline to deliver either physical boards, PowerPoints or Prezis in a wide range of visual styles.

Cranbrook Scribe Close Up



We can create live or reproduce graphics scribes on a huge range of materials for display, office and exhibition. From simple reprints, through mounting and lamination to exhibition backdrops, wallpaper and canvases to scribing live directly onto your exhibition stand to create a real buzz and audience engagement.