behaviour change: social research

Our social research team challenge you to think in a new way and not say, ‘what is wrong with these people, why don’t they understand?’  but rather, ‘what is wrong with us and what don’t we understand about our target audience?'

When we change our thinking we have a much greater opportunity to find out what people truly think, feel and experience - we can then shape people-centred products and  services for the better.

To do this, we provide robust research, evidence and analysis to help gain a rich level of understanding and insight. In turn, this supports the development of innovative solutions which have a sustainable impact on individuals, organisations and communities.

As well as providing a broad range of  quantitative, qualitative and desk-based research, bespoke techniques such as our STELa Framework and the ICE Research Deck help reach out and engage with all walks of life, ensuring  we hear from those who are classically defined as harder to reach and seldom heard. This people-centred insight provides a robust platform to drive sustainable behaviour change to transform people's quality of life.

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