Digital Experiences

We enable you to leverage the true engagement power of an easy to use digital experience. We craft ‘people shaped’ digital solutions that truly engage while being easy for you to manage and sustain.
    Websites/web applications • intranets/extranets • Digital Marketing • Mobile & Web Apps • Email campaigns/newsletters
Digital Experiences


By working with ICE, you get a digital partner with the additional integrated services to help you deliver vibrant and engaging digital user experiences. This is underpinned by insight led, co-creative user experience design approaches, organisational integration and behavioural change principles, as well as the technical digital know-how to fully support your wider strategy and aspirations.

  • Bespoke Applications

    Bespoke Developments

    Every business is different, therefore off-the-shelf packages don’t always provide a solution that meets your needs. Whether your requirement is a simple tool or a large, complex solution, we can work with you to develop a unique, innovative, tailor-made digital solution utilising proven industry standard software and technology.

  • Systems Integration

    Systems Integration

    We are knowledgeable and skilled in integrating platforms into other widgets and apps. Whether we deal with social media feeds or systems such as Salesforce, GIS data tools or SharePoint to name a few, we will work with you to ensure all elements of your digital environment work together to provide a seamless user journey.

  • CMS

    Content Management

    We appreciate the importance of self-manageable content, and understand the need to make this easy and accessible to all. To ensure this, we develop websites utilising an award winning open source enterprise content management system: Umbraco. Umbraco is both simple and intuitive and provides an easy mechanism for your team to manage content in the most effective way.

  • Engaging Content

    Engaging Content

    Digital copywriting is a specialist skill that combines digital knowledge with a flair for words. The digital world is always growing, and has developed its own language alongside it - and we’re fluent. We will ensure that the right words are in the right place to get the right reaction from your audience.

  • App Development

    Cross Platform Apps

    We've found that our clients want their apps to be fast, responsive and intuitive, whilst also having the features, look and feel of a native app. Xamarin provides a wide spectrum of UI: access to specific device features and, most importantly, native performance. This is especially important when an app is the primary interface to a business product or service.

  • Responsive

    UX/UI Responsive Layouts

    With the ever-increasing range of devices that provide internet access, websites are no longer restricted to desktop PCs. With such a wide range of specifications and resolutions, it’s imperative that your digital world is adaptable to each of these. All of our creations are fully responsive and will automatically adapt to the relevant device.

  • Hosting and Maintenance

    Hosting & Maintenance

    We recognise that a website needs on-going technical support and hosting arrangements. At ICE, we offer a support and maintenance agreement with guaranteed SLAs in response to services requested via our dedicated support system.

  • Performance and Optimisation

    Performance & Optimisation

    All of our websites and applications are built to fully utilise all available resources and technicians used in our development processes. This allows for maximum performance and stress testing in all environments.

  • Analytics & SEO

    Data Reports, Analytics & SEO

    We implement systems that allow you to review meaningful metrics and analytics to gain insights into how systems are really being used. This allows them to be optimised to provide greater value to decision makers, planners and campaigners alike.