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Dominic Reilly, Senior Developer and Lead App Developer 

Senior Developer and Lead App Developer 

Dom was first exposed to web development at the age of 10, creating his first site using Microsoft Frontpage. From here on, he began to learn PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL, which he continued to develop sites with until he started his first .Net role in 2013. Dom's first real website using PHP was a text-based role playing game, which was highly successful until he stopped development in 2008.

During his first .Net role, he was quick to learn how to use .Net's features. The company quickly saw that he was capable of being left to implement new features and maintain existing applications to a high standard. The company was at first a software development house, later merging with a B2B company. During his time at Esperto/LBDGA, Dom learnt about various aspects of demand generation through developing tools to use with lead generation products such as Eloqua for various clients including a world renowned client.

Having joined ICE, Dom has turned his growing expertise towards the public sector, developing digital solutions that are robust and dependable. In addition, he has taken on the role of leading the digital team on app development, at first using Titanium, then redirecting the company to use Xamarin to provide the best possible outcome for app development. Dom has a passion for developing and is a keen problem solver. Dom is also proud to keep up to date with new technologies and applications, and uses his robust understanding of web development to implement effective and creative solutions to reach target audiences.